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Our specialties include: Work Visas in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Representation for Deportation Issues, and Status Adjustments.

We offer top notch service for any and all immigration needs. Clients have recommended our team because of our competitive rates and FREE consultations. We match our clients with the right attorney for their needs, and we promise quick and efficient results to any application requests.

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We are here to help, provide clear information, counsel and represent your Philadelphia immigration case to its full conclusion. Whether you need help with immigration to the USA, are trying to understand your current immigration issues, your immigration records, or need to know more about the immigration and naturalization service, our lawyers specializing in immigration visas and other issues are here to help.

Our Philadelphia immigration attorneys serve families, individuals, and companies seeking resolution with immigration issues. Our collaborative solutions for your legal immigration needs are focused on resolving your issues quickly and with the minimum amount of expense necessary.

For straightforward cases or more involved issues, our Philadelphia legal team will tackle your case with advocacy, tenacity, and with a focus on quick resolution. Your immigration records need an experienced attorney to review and advise on your case.

Immigration laws tend to be more complicated than other kinds. Add to that, the legal system is overwhelming for newcomers.

You may already know that the current mold of what is allowed regarding United States immigration is not simple to explain. Our attorneys promise to offer realistic plans of action for even the most complicated situations, going the extra mile to reach the desired result.

Delays are to be expected, as well as denials and orders applied to ongoing applications. Our Philadelphia Immigration attorneys will fight tirelessly for you and the cause of clear and fair immigration laws. Our firm is one that can offer you a broad national and international network.

When someone’s immigration status is on shaky ground, it’s an overwhelming mix of emotions: fear, anger, added anxiety and frustration. These unknowns create additional family pressure, so we ensure that our Philadelphia immigration clients are treated with utmost respect and caring. We’ll be at your side through this difficult challenge.

United States immigration is fundamental to America’s economic successes. The famous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia represents the city as well as our shared history, one built on welcoming new Americans to our shores. And your Philadelphia immigration attorney near you is ready to advice and help you with this complex process of immigration, visas, and green card renewal, to name a few.

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Can you Help me with “The Test”? The Citizenship Process?

Before new Americans are declared citizens, they are each required to pass a test held by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (also known as USCIS). This short test will evaluate your understanding of our country’s history, our government, some basic rights of citizens, and the history of our existing rights.

The test is usually offered in English, but there are some exceptions made for certain cases. We are here for you to assist in your quest to become a U.S. citizen. We’ll be there for you throughout the journey to citizenship and offer clear support, guidance with all legal matters and file your Philadelphia immigration applications.

We specialize in the following areas of specialty: Marriage and Fiancé VISAs, Visitor and Business VISAs, DACA, Appeals and Litigation, issues around Deportation, Immigration Court and Asylum issues. The best immigration lawyers in Philadelphia as in other cities will specialize in these complex issues and bring a strong background in immigration and naturalization, can answer questions about immigration to the USA, green card renewal, and all the requirements for U.S. citizenship.

Do you need an Immigration lawyer in Philadelphia who can answer all your questions about what is Legal and Illegal Immigration?

The term “illegal immigration” is controversial: more of a media term than a legal one. The true story of those in this country without proper paperwork is more complex.

The media image of people regularly crossing borders that are unguarded without the appropriate green card or VISA is a debated one. These documents are checked carefully by government officials on arrival at entry points to the U.S.A.

It’s true, though, that some people do enter the United States legally via VISAs or other documents and then do not leave on the date stated on their documents. These people do not have a right to remain in the country, and are viewed similarly to border crossers discussed in the news. “Undocumented immigrant” is a better term. It means anyone in the country lacking either a valid document or a right to be here.

While undocumented immigrants may remain in this country for many years, they might be deported at any time they are discovered by immigration authorities. This process normally includes a hearing. Hearings may not be given to subjects of expedited removal or those with an order of removal already on file.

This legal immigration process can also incur a period of detention. While in an immigration hearing, people normally have the right to present information in their defense. Are there circumstances such as an ongoing green card application through marriage? Are they seeking asylum from persecution at home? As reported in the news, there has recently been a “zero-policy” for illegal entrants to the United States, and these are now being treated as criminal matters.

But deportation alternatives exist like voluntary return for qualified people. (They must have a clean criminal record, not represent a national security threat or public safety concern that would lead to deportation.) These are complicated matters, but if you have serious concerns about your status or that of a friend or family member, you can bring the following questions to us:

  • Can I request a fingerprint check of my criminal record?
  • Am I ineligible for the immigration benefit in question because of any legal violations?
  • Do I have any defense if the U.S. government is trying to deport me?
  • Is there any chance of U.S. green card or another status that might make me eligible for permission to stay?
  • If I’m inadmissible due to unlawful presence – can you help me apply for a waiver?
  • I need an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia. Can you help?
  • I need an immigration attorney near me who can help me with green card renewal.

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Our commitment to you means that your needs are our priority. Our attorneys carefully review your immigration situation and assess what the best course is to move ahead with a good solution. We realistically appraise your chances of a favorable result, and we are always here to answer questions.

Our connection to you is key. This aspect of our service offered at our law office works protect your interests. We are in it for the long haul, which is why we build our client relationships on trust and one-on-one attention. We’re here to ease the serious stress that come with the difficulties of immigration and the resulting uncertainty.

The problems you are facing may seem overwhelming, which is why you need the best immigration lawyer out there. Our experience and record speak for itself. No matter what the legal matter you are fighting, we’ll work doggedly to achieve a good result for our clients.

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We understand how expensive legal services can be, so we offer top-tier services that keep the bottom line in focus. Whether you need help drafting documents, or with evaluating orders or judgements made in your case, we’ll work together on a plan, look at next steps and work toward your desired results. Our Philadelphia legal firm offers both retainer plans and fixed fees for certain services. Contact us today if you need an immigration lawyer Philadelphia.

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Before you hire a lawyer, make sure you can meet in person with the attorney for your case. Make notes and gather all documents related to your immigration situation, and plan to bring any questions you have. Remember that you are under no obligation to hire the first attorney you meet with. The main thing is that you find a lawyer you can trust.

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